Anyone who causes damage to someone else must take responsibility for it.

Public liability insurance


Normally unlimited. As stated in the German Civil Code. For you as a business owner, this means that you could be liable for damage caused by you to the full extent of your assets – whether this was caused by minor negligence such as carelessness or negligence when delivering parcels to your customers or through gross negligence. Even if you are not at fault, under certain conditions, you are legally liable to provide compensation, for example if you created certain hazards.

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Public liability insurance covers the financial consequences of possible claims for compensation from third parties due to bodily injury, property damage and consequential loss caused by you in the course of your business activities. Our quote includes a market-standard limit of indemnity for bodily injury and property damage and a market-standard scope of cover. The insurance covers property damage you cause to third-party property while delivering parcels, for example. You are covered as the policyholder together with additionally insured persons such as employees.

Public liability insurance

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Aon constantly monitors the German insurance market. Before we pass on a quote from an insurer, we compare it with the market in terms of price and benefits. Together with our service partner, we’ve selected products for you that provide you with the coverage you need to work as a self-employed delivery driver.

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