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Group accident insurance


Anyone is at risk of suffering an accident at any time. If this happens while working, it is normally covered by statutory accident insurance. However, with work journeys, it is often difficult to distinguish whether the journey in question is directly work-related or not, and it is not unusual for this to be resolved in court. Group accident insurance provides certainty here.

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What’s insured?

Group accident insurance protects you and your employees against additional financial expenses following personal injury due to an accident. Benefits are paid in the event of permanent impairment of physical or mental capacity (disablement) or death as the result of an accident. The insurance also covers, for example, accidents caused by a heart attack or stroke, or impairment of health due to food poisoning, heightened physical exertion, certain infections (e.g. tick-borne encephalitis and Lyme disease or rabies) and suddenly escaping gases or vapours.

The benefits also include:

Immediate payment for serious injury

Cost of adapting the workplace

Cost of adapting the home/vehicle

Plaster cast payment for wearing a plaster cast/VACOped as a result of an accident

Daily hospital benefit for the amount of the excess under statutory health insurance

Cost of cosmetic surgery

Search and rescue costs

Reimbursement of excess for statutory health insurance, in case of hospital stays as an inpatient

Patient transport costs (after an accident)

Group accident insurance

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Aon constantly monitors the German insurance market. Before we pass on a quote from an insurer, we compare it with the market in terms of price and benefits. Together with our service partner, we’ve selected products for you that provide you with the coverage you need to work as a self-employed delivery driver.

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