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Welcome to your insurance deal for Delivery Service Partners!

Aon has developed an insurance program for Delivery Service Partners (DSP). It meets all the requirements that matter to you now as a partner. Simply choose which covers you want to take out and we’ll take care of the rest. So you can focus on delivering the parcels without worrying.

The advantages for you

Why the DSP insurance program?


The DSP insurance program gives you access, via a single broker, to all required and optional insurance policies – including cargo liability cover.

High level of expertise in risk and insurance
Regular updating of conditions
Extended payment deadline / Flexible payment terms
Simple settlement and fast response times
Claims experts who look after your interests
Looking for more?

What additional insurance products are there?

As one of the largest insurance brokers in the world, Aon can call upon a vast network of insurance carriers. If you would like to take out extra coverage for your business in addition to the policies needed for DSP and would prefer the convenience of a single point of contact, simply contact us.

As brokers, we try to find the right combination of cost and coverage for you, tailored to your individual requirements.
We guarantee that your cover will be placed with a financially stable insurer.
Insurers must have a permanent rating of “A” (Excellent) or better from AM Best.

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