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Motor insurance


Who pays what? When it comes to motor insurance, the answer to this question depends on which cover you opt for. Motor insurance is compulsory by law and required in order to be able to drive on the road in Germany. If you also want to cover damage to your vehicle or even damage you’ve caused to it yourself, comprehensive insurance is essential.

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What’s insured?

Third-party liability

Damage caused to third parties

This covers the risk of bodily injury, property damage and financial loss arising from the use of the vehicle. We not only pay out for the damage to third parties, but also check claims and reject unfounded ones.

Partially comprehensive (Teilkasko)

Selected damage to your vehicle

This covers damage to your vehicle caused by windscreen breakage, collision with animals, natural forces and break-in / theft.

Fully comprehensive (Vollkasko)

More extensive coverage of damage to your vehicle

This also covers damage due to wilful and malicious acts (e.g. vandalism) or an accident (a sudden, external, direct event exerting a mechanical force on the vehicle).

GAP insurance

Protection in case of loss of a leased vehicle

In the event of total loss or theft, the financing gap resulting from the early termination of the leasing agreement is covered.

Motor insurance

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Aon constantly monitors the German insurance market. Before we pass on a quote from an insurer, we compare it with the market in terms of price and benefits. Together with our service partner, we’ve selected products for you that provide you with the coverage you need to work as a self-employed delivery driver.

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