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Increasing risk awareness through coverage of biometric risks

Many employers have recognised that internationally harmonised benefits – primarily in the area of employee wellbeing – mean significant added value for their employees and the company structure. “Employee wellbeing” has now become a familiar term to many employees and is increasingly being integrated into companies’ general corporate strategies and philosophies.

Market situation

Following high sales volumes in 2021, the demand for life and occupational disability insurance for employees is continuing unabated. Once again, sales increases of more than 50 per cent have been recorded, with the number of policies in the portfolio having more than doubled. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to play a role in companies’ increased risk awareness and demand for appropriate group life solutions. In addition, it can be seen that international companies in particular are pursuing much more ambitious goals. In the context of ESG (Environmental Social Governance), for example, wellbeing and risk-provisioning concepts for employees are now to be designed and implemented as a uniform philosophy – across national borders and the same for all employees.

Accelerated by ongoing pandemic conditions and international crises, an increased need for life and disability insurance is also being witnessed in 2022.”

Laura van AlstAccount Manager Global Clients | Health Solutions


Even after the pandemic, biometric risk coverage and employee wellbeing solutions will continue to be in high demand. This is mainly due to the aforementioned goal of creating uniform benefit strategies and integrating countries like Germany into insurance cover that is already quite common internationally (group life solutions, for example). Additional factors to consider include the current situation in the labour market and the changing forms of competition aimed at attracting and retaining suitable talent. Thanks to hybrid working models and well-equipped home offices, companies around the world are now competing for the best talent more than ever before.

Market trends

It is becoming increasingly evident that, based on market insights, insurers are also striving to expand their products and improve their T&Cs. They are also prepared to act flexibly where possible as well as offer companies custom solutions. The constant expansion of services (e.g. health telephone services and professional care management) not only means valuable support for policyholders, but also high added value for the company itself. In addition, many insurers have recognised the importance of offering their employees optional solutions, such as voluntary continued cover or supplementary insurance cover. Nevertheless, such options naturally require in-depth advice and structural approaches by within the company in question and with ies various stakeholders such as works councils, corporate managers and HR managers, not to mention all those responsible for health issues.