German Insurance Market




Now let’s enter the final stretch!

This year has been very challenging for us. Much has been achieved already, despite resistance and a number of hurdles. A number of opportunities (for digitisation) have been seized, paving the way for unexpected potential in 2021. The final weeks of this extraordinary year, however, will once again stretch us to the limit.

New legislation, such as the recently approved reform of the German Insurance Tax Act, is creating legal uncertainties, meaning a huge amount of additional effort for all parties. With Brexit now becoming a reality, a number of fault lines are appearing. We need to be as prepared as possible for this. What’s more, it is vital that business success be protected against increasing risks. This is especially true for the countless cyber attacks, increased management liability exposures and manifold political risks in international business.

We now all need to put our shoulders to the wheel for the final sprint. Of one thing I am sure: together with you, our customers and partners, we will do it!


Hartmuth Kremer-Jensen
Chief Broking Officer